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A household is a person or group of people who occupy a housing unit. The householder is a person in whose name the housing unit is owned, being bought, or rented. A family household consists of the householder and one or more people related to the householder. It may also include people unrelated to the householder. A nonfamily household consists of a person living alone or a householder who shares the home with nonrelatives only.

In New Hampshire...

Percent of All Households, 2010
Family HH (%)Female HH Without Husbands, With Own Kids (%)Nonfamily HH (%)HH 65+ Yrs Old & Living Alone (%)
New Hampshire66.3% 5.7% 33.7% 9.2%
United States66.4% 7.2% 33.6% 9.4%

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Source: 1990, 2000, 2010: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Census of Population and Housing,